Throwback: Doc Releases Song Pushing Domestic Violence Awareness

Today, we share some unreleased content from out of the Doc’s Castle Media Vault. Are you a fan of conscious music?

In 2014, I recorded a track that speaks on the life of a girl who’s a victim of domestic violence. It’s not your average Eve’s “Love is Blind” type of track. It’s my version of a story of a girl who was my best friend. Our relationship changed when I saw her transform before my eyes into a woman who believed in lies from a man full of broken promises to never hurt her.

I thought I’d share this song after I posted about Walk A Mile In Her Shoes, a GBMC’s SAFE Domestic Violence program 5K walk geared to help raise money and spread awareness about abuse because domestic violence is a subject that shouldn’t be glossed over. A victim of domestic violence doesn’t deserve to feel like they’re being looked over. It’s a serious matter that sometimes ends in unfortunate death for many men and women around the world.

Passion Peace is a narrative of what I saw my friend becoming after dating a guy who isolated her from everything she already knew and loved. It was my stern affection of love for her and my eagerness to tell her that she was and still is beautiful while her boyfriend profusely abused her.

It was recorded at the Dugout Dojo in Fall 2014 by engineer and Baltimore recording artist Flu_x. The Dugout Dojo is where I also recorded my hip-hop mixtape Songs From Da Dugout.

I made Passion Peace while we were no longer friends but used it as a message to tell her I still loved her more than the person who placed her in dangerous situations. I sent it to her in hopes that she would one day realize what she is worth.

If I knew any better, I would have contacted the many different domestic violence programs that could help her escape an unsafe situation. Programs like the SAFE program or My Sister’s Place Women’s Center both located in Baltimore City, could have helped stir my friend away from what was keeping her bound in her relationship.

Today, her and my relationship are far from what it used to be. What she went through torn between our bond. I don’t know how someone can change everything a person stands for and still claim to love them. But I saw it happen. I watched her change. She’s no longer with the guy who was abusing her and she’s no longer the same.

Do you have a domestic violence story to tell? Leave us a snippet in the comments below.

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