2nd Annual Light City Baltimore Event Ends In Success (Doc’s Castle Picture Gallery)

Baltimore’s annual week-long art festival that incorporates a mixture of lights and sculptures ended this past Saturday with a success bringing out more participation from businesses and festival goers throughout the city.


The event was held starting at the peak of evening hours and ending just in time for bedtime; between the hours of 7p to 10p. For nine nights, visitors enjoyed parades, tasty cuisines, entertainment, and beautiful sightseeing in the heart of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

According to an article found on Baltimore’s news station website WJZ, “Estimates show that roughly 470,000 people attended the 2017 Baltimore Light City festival during its nine-night run. That’s a 17 percent increase from the previous year.”

The festival brought lots of revenue for the hotels and businesses in the downtown area. Businesses, like Hotel Monaco, even partnered up with Light City organizers with intentions to attract Light City attendees. Shahram Khan, general manager of Hotel Monaco says they provided hotel deals, and in return, it was a win for the hotel.


Each glowy night was a spectacular experience for art lovers and foodies. Simply through walking the Inner Harbor’s square, visitors were able to experience the exhibits lined up just a few steps from each other.

For those who were unable to visit the light exhibits in the downtown Inner Harbor, Doc’s Castle Media capture the moment for you. View the opening night of Light City Baltimore below.

Dates for next year’s Light City Baltimore will be discussed later this week. To keep up with Light City Baltimore updates, subscribe to www.lightcity.org or follow them on Instagram at @LightCityBmore.

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